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Research Programs

Robotic Nursing Assistant (RoNA) System

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Nurses and similar professional caregivers suffer a higher rate of musculoskeletal injury than any other U.S. profession, outpacing shipping and freight handlers. According to surveys by the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are more than 35,000 back and other injuries among nursing employees every year, severe enough that they have to miss work. Direct and indirect costs associated with only back injuries in the healthcare industry are estimated to be $20 billion annually. This fact is largely due to unsafe patient lifting. 

In 2009, Hstar Technologies launched a research project designed to address the numerous technological and clinical challenges faced by such healthcare practitioners. To develop a human-safe, heavy-lifting robotic system that is useful in any clinical environment.

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RoNA Serbot

             RoNA SerBot

RoNA SerBot is the latest family member of Hstar Technologies' advanced, autonomous robotic nursing assistants derived from the company's award-winning flagship design, RoNA — the robotic patient lifting system. With in-home and in-hospital application models, RoNA SerBot is poised to radically improve human assistance practices.

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Hstar Technologies awarded a MassVentures 2015 START Stage I Grant

CAMBRIDGE, MA — June 25, 2015 — Hstar Technologies Corporation today announced the award of a MassVensures 2015 START Stage 1 grant. The START is a program funded by the C..

RoNA Featured in Boston Globe

Cambridge, MA (Nov 8, 2014) - Hstar Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was featured in Boston Globe - "Robots go to war against Ebola". ..

Hstar Technologies Literally Gives Patients a Lift

Cambridge, MA (Dec 20, 2013) - Hstar Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was featured on Robotics Business Review.

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