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AMP - Robotic Mobile Platform

Hstar Technologies Corporation ("Hstar") develops industry-leading robotic mobility platforms to enhance the quality of operations wherever material handling is required.

Hstar's AMP (Agile Mobile Platform) is the company's first robotic mobile system designed to transport heavy and light payloads in different environments. These flexible mobile platforms can help reduce or eliminate the need for humans to manually load trucks, drive forklifts or transport hazardous materials in warehouses, hospitals, and labs.

AMP Warehouse

AMP is offered in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Light Payload Platform, AMP-I

The AMP-I light payload model can be used in labs, healthcare facilities, offices, libraries, museums, or anywhere payloads of 200 - 400 lbs need to be transported. Its compact size and high degree of maneuverability, make the AMP-I the perfect device for delivering packages, medications, tools, supplies, hazardous materials, etc.. Omni-directional motion provided by the Mecanum drive system is especially useful in tight, crowded spaces and when interacting with people or vehicles.

AMP1 01T    

Custumized AMP-I System: Several research institutes are using AMP as the mobile base for their robotics projects. Hstar works with customers to customize the AMP-I to meet their project requirement.

   Image of TRINA v1.0


Light Payload Platform, AMP-S

The AMP-S light payload model is designed for material handling and logistics in research and industrial environments, or anywhere payloads of up to 500 lbs need to be transported. It has the same compact size as AMP-I, with a lifting plate option. 



 Industry Heavy Payload Platform, AMP-L

The AMP-L offers the high payload capacity of the AMP-II, but adds a heavy lifting capability that allows the platform to drive under, and then elevate a payload for transport. In operation at a warehouse or manufacturing environment, the AMP-L can maneuver under a shelf and then lift it, eliminating the need for workers to manually load the device. Removing humans from the loading evolution creates a safer work environment for employees, and enables a smoother automated material handling process.



All Hstar products come with customer phone support and detailed instruction manuals. Additionally, we provide a suite of quick-start software products that will help to get your new robotic platform up and running quickly and easily.


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