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In 2009, Hstar Technologies launched a research project designed to address the numerous technological and clinical challenges faced by such healthcare practitioners. To develop a human-safe, heavy-lifting robotic system that is useful in any clinical environment.

Hstar introduced the first member of the RoNA™ family, RoNA™ SerBot - a robotic nursing assistant, in 2014. RoNA™ SerBot is a family member of Hstar Technologies' advanced, autonomous robotic nursing assistants derived from the company's award-winning flagship design, RoNA — the robotic patient lifting system. With in-home and in-hospital application models, RoNA™ SerBot is poised to radically improve human assistance practices.

Hstar developed an advanced robotic rehabilitation (RehaBot) system that helped patients undergoing gait training therapy for neurological and muscular injuries or functional impairments, to accomplish a wide range of ambulatory tasks.

The Hstar SmartChair is much more than just a wheelchair. It will be a virtual companion and protector of the wheelchair rider

The Hstar cRoNA (combat RoNA) and follow-on projects address the need for safe and effective first responder medical assistance for fallen warfighters. cRoNA adapts the mobility, telepresence, and patient lifting capabilities of RoNA to field deployment, and adds diagnostic capabilities, including in-field ultrasound, to ensure safe casualty movement and extraction.

The Hstar's dMan system brings autonomous robotic operation to intra-container and warehouse material handling operations, significantly reducing worker injury and resulting costs.

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