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             RoNA SerBot

RoNA SerBot is the latest family member of Hstar Technologies' advanced, autonomous robotic nursing assistants derived from the company's award-winning flagship design, RoNA — the robotic patient lifting system. With in-home and in-hospital application models, RoNA SerBot is poised to radically improve human assistance practices.

In-home Assistance

Elderly, chronically-ill or otherwise infirmed people requiring general physical and cognitive assistance around the home can gain a greater sense of independence and mobility with RoNA SerBot.

In-hospital Medication Delivery

Employing proprietary medicine management software and a secure medicine cabinet, RoNA SerBot streamlines the time-consuming task of delivering medication securely and reliably from the pharmacy to patients. 

Slated for release in 2014, RoNA SerBot will be available in select models with optional feature customization.

RoNA SerBot Combine

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